Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting Free National TV Exposure: With GuestMatch Member and Recent Fox News Guest

Talking points:
  • How he used social media (including GuestMatch) to create a web presence
  • How social networking helped in getting his latest political thriller, Manifest Destiny, optioned for a movie
  • How the press for the movie deal helped him get a spot on Hannity's Great American Panel
  • The do's and don't of national television appearances
  • What happens behind the scenes of a national show
  • How he utilizes his free media exposure to help build his speaking and writing career
  • How a fiction author can get TV and radio exposure for their book

About Rick Robinson:
Author and speaker Rick Robinson has spent thirty years in politics and law, including a stint on Capitol Hill as Legislative Director/Chief Counsel to then-Congressman Jim Bunning (R-KY). Rick's latest award winning political thriller is Manifest Destiny. He has made many media appearances, without the help of a big publisher or P.R. firm. A graduate of Eastern Kentucky University and Salmon P. Chase College of Law, Rick currently practices law in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky with the law firm of Graydon Head & Ritchey LLP. Rick, and his wife Linda, live in Ft. Mitchell with their three children, Josh, Zach and MacKenzie. Visit Rick online at

About Burke Allen:
Burke is the Chief Media Strategist of GuestMatch and CEO of Washington DC based media, marketing and P.R. firm Allen Media Strategies. His clients have appeared on hundreds of national and local television, radio, print and online outlets and have received millions of dollars worth of free media exposure. Burke is a regular contributor to industry publications, a speaker on media and the culture, a frequent radio and television guest commentator and a longtime broadcaster with companies including CBS. He lives in the DC suburbs with wife Cristi and children Cristin, Michael and Burke II and their English sheep dog Luna. You can find out more about Burke at and

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Join two nationally known experts who will share the
methods their most successful clients utilize to generate outstanding income
with each TV/radio/print and online interview and speaking presentation.
Your host, Burke Allen, GuestMatch Chief Media Strategist and head of
Washington, DC based Allen Media Strategies, one of the nation's leading
media, marketing and P.R. firms walks the walk and talks the talk; here's a
link to his recent appearance on FOX

About Our Guest
AJ Puedan, CEO of Success Coach Technologies and the author of PREPARE FOR
LEADERSHIP and HOW TO COACH A FISH. For over two decades, AJ has trained
hundreds of speakers and content experts to get them "stage ready" for major
presentations. He specializes in a "3 Round" approach to speaking, and he's
helped several speakers generate six figure incomes in their first year as
an active speaker.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Getting on Oprah: How Bill O'Hanlon made this and other media appearances a reality

On this call, Burke will be discussing how speakers, authors and others can generate thousands of dollars in free exposure by positioning themselves as an expert in their field in the media (TV, radio, print and online). His very special guest will be speaker and author Bill O'Hanlon.

What You Will Learn:

  • How Bill has been able to generate paid speaking engagements on a consistent, year-after-year basis
  • Bill's method to getting your book published by a major New York publisher
  • How he was able to reach "The Holy Grail" of publicity, Oprahand how that one media appearance affected his speaking and writing career
  • What it was like on the set of Oprah, The Today Show and other interview situations; what he learned, what he'd do different if he could, etc.
  • How Bill captures leads generated by free media exposure and online sources, and monetizes them
  • Burke Allen's top tips for positioning yourself as a guest expert in the media
  • and lots moreincluding your questionsand it's all absolutely FREE!
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Transform Your Boring Bio from Wallpaper to Wow

It's amazing how many aspiring speakers and experts find it hard to get to the magic of their own messages to compel meeting planners and others to say YES to what they offer. Today's teleseminar is going to cover some of the biggest bio blunders people make, showcase a winning recipe that makes it easy to invite more of the right opportunities, and illustrate the points with compelling examples from real clients who are happily getting seen, heard, celebrated and compensated for their expertise.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why one-size-fits-all bios rarely fit all situations
  • What every radio host wants from from you
  • What every event emcee wants from you that serves your interests just as much as his!
  • The biggest time savers you gain by getting your bio in great shape now
  • How to set yourself apart from every other expert and why you must begin right now!
  • Most importantly, by the end of this teleseminar, youll be fired up and ready to take action transform your boring, boilerplate, and bland bio to the rock star status of which you and your expertise are so worthy
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Hitting the Media Jackpot: With 7 Time Lotto Winner Richard Lustig

Getting FREE media exposure is a lot like hitting the lottery; it can generate thousands of dollars in your bank account almost instantly! Join us this Thursday, when GuestMatch Chief Media Strategist Burke Allen picks the brain of seven time lottery game grand prize winner Richard Lustig, who has hit the media lottery dozens of times, appearing on dozens of national programs AND has hit the ACTUAL Florida lottery dozens of times for a combined millions in winnings!

Richard Lustig says that luck has nothing to do with it; there is a method to hitting both lotteries, and he and Burke will give you exclusive insight.

What we discussed on the call:

  • How Richard developed a winning lottery method over time that has netted him millions in lotto winnings
  • How Richard has landed massive worldwide free media coverage including Good Morning America, The Today Show Australia, Fox and Friends, The Daily Buzz, NPR, Moscow, Bloomberg, and tons of other outlets
  • Why Richard believes that doing media interviews with small market outlets is important
  • What is the one thing Richard does after every media interview that sets him apart from most media guests
  • How Richard has been able to turn his free media exposure ito an additional stream of income
  • What tips Richard can share to increasing your chances to win the lottery, and increase your chances of scoring game-changing media exposure
  • What Richard himself would like to learn from the speakers on the teleconferences
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