Thursday, November 18, 2010

Generate Free Media Exposure To Drive Your Business And Increase Your Credibility

Join Burke Allen and GuestMatch Chief Technical Officer (and SpeakerMatch CEO) Bryan Caplovitz to get the inside scoop on generating free media using GuestMatch and OTHER free or low cost methods.

Talking Points:

  • A behind the scenes look at exactly how to maximize a GuestMatch membership (for current members and those who want to know more about the site
  • How to pitch the top national TV talk and interview shows
  • How to get on radio shows coast-to-coast without ever leaving your home
  • 5 ways you can monetize free media exposure
  • and lots more!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Insider Tips and Techniques to Getting Tons of Free Publicity Doing Radio Shows

JC FernandezGuestMatch Chief Strategist Burke Allen talks with veteran major market radio producer JC Fernandez. You'll learn insider tips and techniques to getting tons of free publicity doing radio shows.

What You Will Learn:
  • What the radio show producers role is, and why are they important
  • How to pitch radio show producers on the telephone
  • How to get your voicemails returned, helping you land that interview
  • What to write in your email pitch to get producers excited about having you on their show
  • How to subtly pitch your products and services on the air
  • ...and lots more!
J.C. Fernandez is currently the On-Air/ Executive Producer for Mark and Mercedes in the Morning at KMXB/ Mix 94.1 in Las Vegas. J.C. began producing for Mark and Mercedes after graduating from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 1997. In 2001 he left to executive produce for WWZZ in Washington DC where he successfully helped launch three morning shows. In 2005 JC returned to Las Vegas and the # 1 rated Mark and Mercedes in the Morning. In 2009 J.C. helped launch Mark and Mercedes syndication to KZZO in Sacramento. During JCs 13 year radio career he has been a Las Vegas spokesperson for Ford, The M Resort and Casino, TBS, Dunkin Donuts, Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal Center and On-Star.

Burke Allen is the co-owner of GuestMatch, and the CEO of Allen Media Strategies. Burke is a long time media professional, air personality, radio station owner and consultant. His media/PR firm has placed clients on all the major television and cable networks, hundreds of radio shows, dozens of newspapers and magazines and all across the web. His upcoming media training event is October 22-24th in Washington DC. Enter the word PUBLICITY in the promo box when you register to receive a $500.00 discount on tuition, based on studio availability. Find out more at

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Dreama DenverTo generate publicity and public awareness for the Denver Foundation, Dreama has been working with Burke Allen and the team at GuestMatch and Allen Media Strategies.

This Tuesday September 14th at 2pm ET, Burke and Dreama will share with you strategies on generating publicity and public awareness. Plus, Dreama will answer behind the scenes showbiz questions submitted by the Gilligan and Dobie Gillis fans on the call like: Bobs favorite fellow castaways and episodes, the amazing showbiz salaries of the castaways, the new Gilligans Island movie in the works and lots more! We'll also be announcing special giveaways just for listening: An autographed copy of Bobs autobiography GILLIGAN, MAYNARD AND ME to one lucky listener!, $1.00 trial memberships just like Dreama Denvers to GuestMatch for each teleclass attendee, a free 15 minute radio interview and podcast for teleclass listeners, and a $500 tuition discount to Burkes upcoming Media Mastery Weekend on October 22nd-24th in Washington DC.

What You Will Learn:
  • How to generate thousands of dollars in free P.R. and marketing without leaving your home
  • Five different revenue streams you can generate from free media and P.R.
  • How to handle really tough interviews (Dreama was just interviewed by THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER last week!)
  • How to handle the celebrity that can come from media exposure
  • How P.R. can lead to paid speaking engagements, book publishing deals and more
  • 3 things you absolutely must have before you begin doing media interviews
For almost 30 years, she was married to a TV icon; Dreama Denver was Mrs. Bob Denver, known to millions of fans worldwide as Gilligan, the loveable castaway in the legendary sitcom GILLIGANS ISLAND. Dreama appeared with Bob in theatre, TV sitcom pilots and even a Gilligans Island TV movie. Bob Denver retired from show business to help Dreama raise their special needs son and sign on LITTLE BUDDY RADIO before passing away in 2005. Dreama now heads THE DENVER FOUNDATION for special needs children and heads up LITTLE BUDDY RADIO as a tribute to Bob.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting Media Exposure with special guest and FOX NEWS Contributor Will Bower

Burke Allen
Listen to the replay of GuestMatch's Chief Media Strategist Burke Allen, as he interviews FOX NEWS contributor Will Bower.

Talking points:
* The #1 thing television and radio producers are looking for in a guest
* 3 things you have to know before going on national television
* The biggest surprise he faced on FOX AND FRIENDS
* What NOT to do while on radio or television
* 5 qualities media professionals tell Will over and over they crave in guests

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to Make the Most of a GuestMatch Membership

GuestMatch Join Burke Allen of Allen Media Strategies and Bryan Caplovitz of SpeakerMatch on an information packed teleseminar where they will be discussing how to properly position your expertise for media interviews and make the most of the GuestMatch services. There will be ample time to answer questions live and listen to feedback from our community of beta testers.

We've already begun alerting our media contacts in television, radio, print and online to check out the GuestMatch site and consider booking members as interview guests. One of the top things media professionals always look for are experts to comment on the top stories of the day. Your GuestMatch "pitches" should be frequently updated to reflect those topical tie-ins; they will greatly increase your chances of receiving a booking request.

For example, can you discuss:
-The BP Gulf Oil Spill. We have one client who is a restaurant owner and consultant who has scored several interviews about the spill's impact on the food industry. Can you talk about the disaster from a travel/tourism, oil industry, engineering, ecology or other angle?
-The Mel Gibson story. We've had requests for attorneys with a family law background to comment on the case. If you can talk about the story from a legal, anger management, alcoholism, relationships, celebrity culture, career advice, or other angle, you should update your profile accordingly.
-Bristol Palin/Levi Johnston. Can you offer advice or analysis on this story as a relationship counselor or expert on forgiveness, family dynamics, marriage, dysfunctional families, conservative politics, etc?
Watch the headlines and offer yourself as a commentator on the hot news of the day; it's one of the ways to make more media matches with!

There is so much more to the service and we want to make sure you're leveraging all the tools available, i.e. blogs, online media kit, press releases, and more. And just as important, we want to make sure we are not overlooking any technical or usability issues so we want to hear from you. You'll be able to submit a written question/comment after you register or ask your question live on the call when you press *2 during the call.
Talk to you soon,

What You Will Learn:
  • Making the most of your GuestMatch membership
  • Answering any technical or usability issues
  • Answering any marketing/positioning questions
At GuestMatch, we combine the resources of top Washington DC media, marketing and P.R. firm Allen Media Strategies and SpeakerMatch, the worlds leading on-line speakers bureau to provide media outlets access to expert guests on a variety of topics. Television, radio, print and on-line journalists, talk show hosts, producers, bloggers and other media professionals utilize our easy-to-use search criteria to access the GuestMatch database of hundreds of guest sources on a wide variety of topics to help them fill the slot or meet their deadline.